Bianca In-Depth: Improve Your Handling of Sensitive Research Data

24 May 2024

Are you already working with sensitive data in your research and feel that your workflows can be improved? If yes, welcome to 1 day hackathon where you’ll learn smarter ways of working on the Bianca cluster. We will tell you how to do file transfer from a terminal, advanced SLURM, using IDEs (i.e. RStudio and/or VSCode), and installing custom software and packages.

The workshop will consist of short lectures and the content will be driven by questions from the participants.

To attend this course, we expect you to be able to login to Bianca, submit a Slurm bash script, and know how to transfer files.

You do not need to be a member of a NAISS-SENS project in order to join the workshop. A SUPR course project will be available to all participants.

When: Friday 24 May 2024
Where: online via Zoom

For more information and registration please visit