The National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden (NAISS) is the new infrastructure organization for high-performance computing, storage, and data services for academic users in Sweden. NAISS is hosted by Linköping University but acts independently with a national perspective and responsibility. NAISS main funding is provided by the Swedish Research council (VR) while the user support, organized in a decentralized branch structure, is built up in partnership with several Swedish universities.

From a user perspective, there will initially only be minimal differences between the previous SNIC and NAISS regimes. The allocation process of our resources will continue in the same way as previously.

NAISS has taken over the financing of the existing systems Dardel, Tetralith, Alvis, Bianca and Rackham, as well as storage systems and cloud services located at different sites across Sweden. Over time, NAISS will consolidate new hardware resources to a single national site. Staff and support functions will continue to be distributed across Sweden as NAISS is establishing local branches in collaboration with universities.

NAISS is governed by its Steering Committee.

Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Advisor, Teknikföretagen (until 2024-12-31)

Marianne Sommarin, Professor, Umeå University (until 2024-12-31)
Thorsten Mauritsen, Associate Professor, Stockholm University (until 2024-12-31)
Susan Aalto, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology (until 2026-12-31)
Erik Lindahl, Professor, KTH (until 2026-12-31)
Bengt Persson, Professor, Uppsala University (until 2026-12-31)
Anders Ynnerman, Professor, Linköping University (until 2026-12-31)

NAISS Acting Director
Björn Alling, Associate Professor, Linköping University

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