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Director of NAISS position open

We are looking for an idea-driven researcher and leader who is eager to take on the challenge of creating and leading the organization for the national infrastructure and implementing the long-term strategy.

The appointment as Director of NAISS will be combined with a position as full professor at one of LiU's twelve departments. This gives you the opportunity to also lead your own research in areas related to HPC in parallel to managing NAISS.

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The National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden (NAISS) is the new infrastructure organization for high-performance computing, storage, and data services for academic users in Sweden. NAISS is hosted by Linköping University but acts independently with a national perspective and responsibility. NAISS main funding is provided by the Swedish Research Council (VR) while the user support, organized in a decentralized branch-structure, is built up in partnership with several Swedish universities.

NAISS User Form and All-Hands meeting is open for registration.

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NAISS resources are available to researchers at Swedish universities and other research institutes authorized by the Swedish Research Council. Applications for resources are made through rounds. Find open rounds and file your proposal here.

The proposals are evaluated and processed by the National Allocation Committee (NAC) and its working-group (NAC-wg)

Paul Erhart, professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Johan Revstedt, professor, Lund University
Leif Eriksson , professor, Gothenburg University
Olav Vahtras, professor, KTH
Susanne Höfner, professor, Uppsala University
Outi Tammisola, professor, KTH

NAC-working group chair:
Peter Münger, associate professor, Linköping University

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In-depth information regarding the different NAISS resources available.

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NAISS is establishing a delocalized organization with branches across Sweden with responsibility for our users support and training. The objective is that the best expert should answer the users support-questions regardless of where in Sweden the expert and user is sitting. To get support, follow the link:

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