Online training course: Using Python in an HPC environment, UPPMAX & HPC2N

15 May 2024

This course aims to give a brief, but comprehensive introduction to using Python in an HPC environment. You will learn how to use modules to load Python, how to find site installed Python packages, as well as how to install packages yourself. In addition, you will learn how to use virtual environments, write a batch script for running Python, use Python in parallel, and how to use Python for ML and on GPUs.

The course is a cooperation between UPPMAX and HPC2N. The instructors will use UPPMAX’s systems for demos and there will be hands-on exercises for the participants.

This course will consist of lectures interspersed with hands-on sessions where you get to try out what you have just learned.

Remote/online participation: The course will be completely online and we will use Zoom. More information about connecting and such will be sent to the participants close to the course.

The goal for the course is that you will be able to

  • Load Python modules and site-installed Python packages
  • Create a virtual environment and install your own Python packages to it
  • Write a batch script for running Python
  • Use Python in parallel
  • Use Python for ML
  • Use GPUs with Python

Prerequisites: familiarity with the LINUX command line, basic Python

For more info and registration, please visit: