Activity report (maximum 8 pages)

The Swedish Research Council requires NAISS to provide reporting for results from all NAISS projects. To enable that, we need you to provide an activity report at the end of your NAISS projects.

If you have used both a compute and a storage project for the same research, you may upload the same project activity report for both projects.

  • Summary
    The activity report must include an account of the major scientific achievements resulting from the use of the allocated NAISS resources in this project in relation to the project description.
  • Publications list
    The activity report must include a list of publications resulting from this NAISS project that acknowledge the use of NAISS resources. You may include forthcoming / in press publications. Please note that publications that do not acknowledge the use of NAISS resources shall not be included in the activity report.
  • Academic achievements
    The activity report must include achievements such as theses defended and graduate degrees completed, from this NAISS project.
  • E-infrastructure related developments
    The activity report must include any developments related to programming, code optimization, visualization, data optimization etc., from this NAISS project.
  • Grants and patents
    The activity report must include granted financial support and/or patents, from this NAISS project.
  • Acknowledgment
    Please follow the instructions at How to acknowledge NAISS and/or SNIC. Failing to comply with this requirement will have a negative impact on future allocations.